Rich’s Stag Weekend

Took a trip to Munich a few weeks ago for my friend Rich’s Stag Weekend, yes another stag and yet another wedding. I didn’t rattle off that many images this time around, mainly as I’m the Best Man for this one and was a bit busy with that, however all these are from my OM-1 taken on a roll of Agfa Vista 200.

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Michael’s Stag Weekend – Part One

My Good friend Michael got himself married on the weekend and I just so happened to get the images back from his stag weekend back at around the same time (they’re all perfectly tame so no worries about anything NSFW in here). All are shot on my Olympus Trip on Lomography Color 400 film.

First off we start with some Footgolf, a “sport” that eagerly awaits its inclusion in the Olympics.

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