Kodak Colorplus 200 Expired 2014

A selection of shots taken with the Canon AE-1 Program and 50mm lens on a roll of expired Kodak Colorplus ISO 200 film, bought 3 rolls of this from ebay and they all expired in January 2014, I’m pretty pleased how this first roll has turned out, once again expired colour film gives the images a hazy view making them look decades rather than a few weeks old.

The two shots below really show off the yellowish, and in some parts green, tinge that’s evident in some of the images on the roll. Both of these shots of my girlfriend Jo were taken at f2, 1/15 sec, I especially like the bokeh in the second one of the out of focus chest of drawers in the background.

Jo Kodak Colorplus 200, f1, 15 sec

Jo Kodak Colorplus 200, f1With a lot of colours in some of the below images I’m impressed with how vibrant they have come out, the beer mats is a prime example (yes I collect beer mats as a sort of hobby other than photography). That shot was taken at f2 1/8 sec and the cluttered desk at f4 1/2 sec.

Beer Mats 2 Kodak Colorplus 200, f2

Desk Kodak Colorplus 200, f4, half sec

The two final photographs were taken outside on very different days, the first of the front of my car on an overcast day after it had rained, hence the droplets of water which I think add something more real to the image than just a photo of a car, and the second of the Ogmore River in South Wales on a very bright sunny day. Both look good but I particularly like the vibrancy of the blue sky and water, nicely cut split from each other by the bridge crossing the centre of the image, as well as the graining in the second one. The car shot was taken at f11 1/125 sec and the river at f16 1/125 sec.

Alfa Kodak Colorplus 200, f11, 125 sec

Bridge & Swans Kodak Colorplus 200, f16, 125 sec

So there we have it, more expired film success. I’ll be posting some more of these in the future and using up the rest of the remaining two rolls, hopefully those both turn out as well as these. On a finalnote, I got myself a new toy to try out, an Olympus OM-1n, so in the near future there’ll be some images taken with that bad boy, be really interesting to see how that stacks up against the canon and Nikon I’m used to shooting with, my initial gut thoughts is better but we’ll see.


  1. Well done. The Olympus is a great camera. The only niggle is it uses mercury batteries. I used Wein cell and it seemed to work fine. There are also some adapters that can be purchased on ebay to change the voltage of customary small batteries. The camera is a jewel.


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