The Photography Show UK

Last Month I went to the NEC in Birmingham for the UK Photography Show, below are some of the photographs I took there, all of these are from my Nikon FM with 28mm lens and on Kodak Colorplus 200 ISO film. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did wandering around and taking them.

Drone Kodak Colorplus 200 f2

Camera Drone, f 2.8 1/8 sec. Not really too into the idea of drone photography myself although I can appreciate why other people could be, and also appreciate the technology, this thing is pretty futuristic looking.

TLR's Kodak Colorplus 200 f2

Rollei TLR’s and I believe a few Zeiss Ikonflex’s as well. I’ve wanted to get a medium format TLR for some time now, these looked to be in damn good condition considering their age. F2.8 1/30th sec.

Sony Alpha 7 II Kodak Colorplus 200 f4 8th sec

You know that feeling you get when you get to play with something you know you can’t afford currently? That’s the feeling I had when playing with this Sony Alpha 7 II. Great fun, but you don’t want to give it back. Also random story, it was at this stand a guy asked me if I could take a few photo’s of him and a poor girl he was badly trying to chat up on a little compact he had on him. After I showed him the shots I’d taken he said “so, do you do a bit of photography then?”. Wasn’t sure how to react considering we were both stood in a photography trade show that likely we had both come to because we were both interested in photography. Anyway this shot was taken at f4 1/8th sec.

Lumix Breakdown Kodak Colorplus 200 f8 8th sec

Breakdown of one of Panasonic’s Lumix camera’s, I forge which model unfortunately. I really do like seeing things like this, showing you the gut’s of a machine so you can see how it works. F8 1/8th sec.

Camera Cleaning Kodak Colorplus 200 f11 8th sec

Tech guys cleaning and doing services on the Olympus stand, really fascinating just standing there watching them work. F11 1/8th sec.

Nikon History Kodak Colorplus 200 f11 8th sec

Nikon stand, I think (don’t quote me as I’m not 100%) that’s a Nikon F on the right alongside a D1. Who doesn’t enjoy display’s of historical items? F11 1/8th sec

Zeiss Lens Kodak Colorplus 200 f2

Lastly another breakdown, this time of a Zeiss lens, really interesting to see how intricately the glass inside is lined up inside. I had two shots of this, one with the case closed and the other this one with the case opened as the guy on the stand saw I was shooting film, smiled, walked over and opened the case. After I said thank you he just said it was nice to see someone shooting film. That made me smile. F2.8 1/30th sec


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