Cooking 50mm Kodak Colorplus 200 f4 8th sec

I much prefer candid portrait’s than staged, face on, “say cheese” one’s. After all documenting the mundane and the normal seem’s much more interesting, and I don’t know about you but I don’t walk around with a big gurn on my face all day just waiting for someone to take my picture.

This is my mum in her kitchen, cooking something, god know’s what but probably bacon, I like bacon so it’s probably for me and well…who doesn’t like bacon? Taken on My Olmpus Om-1n with 50mm lens at Kodak Colorplus 200 ISO film at f4 1/8th sec. Shooting at such a wide aperture has allowed the background to meld and fade away while keeping the main subject, my mum, nice and sharp, except her hands which are nicely motion blurred, again adding to the fact that this is a living and working image, not someone just sat down perfectly still.

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