Street Photography – Cardiff Streets

All shots taken with my Olympus OM-1 on Fomapan Classic 100 monochrome film using either 50mm Auto Zuiko or 28mm Vivitar Lens.

Churchyard 50mm Fomapan Classic 100 f8 125th sec

f8 1/125th sec 50mm. An elderly man, staring, perhaps with confusion, at his smartphone and alone in a churchyard bathed in light.

Arcade 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f8 125th sec

f8 1/125th sec 28mm. Looking out into the sunshine filled street from the Morgan Arcade, the girl has clocked me and my camera.

Arcade 2 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f5

f5.6 1.125th sec 28mm. Another part of the Morgan Arcade, the light shining down through the glass roof creating patterns on the paved floor, repetition of the lamps hanging from the ceiling and a family escaping the darkness in the distance.

Wet Floor 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f2

f2.8 1/60th sec 28mm. I love this shot, the glistening wet floor reflecting the light from the entrance to the arcade, the wet floor cone centred in the image, the repetition of plants leading off into the distance, even the figure with a shopping bag crossing the threshold of the doorway.

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