Street Photography – Cardiff Streets 5

All these are taken in one of Cardiff’s Victorian shopping arcades. I love places like this, they have so much more character than modern shopping mall’s, the twisty nature of the indoor street, the unique signage, the whole historical feel of walking through a building that has existed in a similar state (although renovated many times) for over a hundred years if not longer. Fantastic. Also it means you can sit outside a cafe in Wales and not get soaked by rain, even better.

All these are taken on my Olympus OM-1 with either 50mm or 28mm lens on Fomapan Classic 100 film.

Old Man 50mm Fomapan Classic 100 f1 50mm, f1.8, 1/250th sec. The solitary older gentleman, what’s he carrying in his left hand? an umbrella? Is that a Timberland backpack? Is that his because it doesn’t look like it’s his normal get up for taking a walk through town. And then the sign of the shop above, “the plan”, what is the plan for him? Is it to make it home in time? Is it to buy something for a loved one? Is it just to have a nice walk? I like this image, I don’t know why I think it works but it just does to me. There’s something about the lone figure cutting a way through an empty street that just draws them out of the image I feel.

Arcade 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f2

28mm, f2.8, 1/250th sec. This is what I was talking about earlier, just look at the whole image of the indoor wonderland that is this place. signs everywhere, hanging down in unison and repeating endlessly off into the distance yet all having a unique feel to them, plants, repeated symmetrically down the street, the hanging lamps from the roof. I just love how this whole place looks, and this was taken while sat down, outside a cafe with a coffee. Indoors, yet outside. Again we have the lone figure cutting a path through this image (ok there are people further off in the distance but you don’t notice them as much), and I like how everything that is repetitive and symmetrical surrounds her, framing her for our attention.

Window Shopping 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f2 28mm, f2.8, 1/125th sec. You may notice these are all taken from behind, I promise I don’t just follow people around and photograph the backs of their heads, that’s just how these came out. What I like most about this image is the fact that from her outfit, bag and hair I don’t think she’d be the typical customer of the store-front she is gazing into. Not that I am stereotyping here but I just like the contrast between her and the place she’s decided to do a little window shopping.

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