Medium Format : One

Going to be shooting a lot more 120 film this year and rather than just posting a whole load of image’s in one go I thought I’d make a new regular series out of it, after all that was one of the New Year resolution’s for the blog.

So welcome to the first post of this new feature, below we have a shot taken on my Yashica D TLR which has an 80mm Yashikor 1:3.5 taking and viewing lens. This image is taken at F8 and 1/125th sec.

Viewpoint 80mm f8 125th sec.jpg

I love the level of detail you get from the big old 120 negative’s, obviously scanning this in from a print has diminished the quality a little but I can vouch for how good the quality is in real life. Was a little concerned at first as the camera doesn’t have a light meter and I don’t have a handheld one either, so all the shot’s in this series will likely be taken using the Sunny 16 Rule, but I’m relatively happy with how this came out.

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