Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; Sixteen

Some more street photography, not from my usual haunts this time but from my trip to London a few weeks ago, in fact the next few entries to this series will be from there. As usual all taken on my Olympus OM-D EM-5 with 17mm M.Zuiko Digital 1:1.8 lens, enjoy.

Bikes At Buckingham.jpg ISO 400, F4, 1/500th Sec. Bikers outside Buckingham Palace.

Coffee Shop Basement.jpg ISO 800, F4, 1/80th Sec. This was in the basement of a chocolate shop/coffee place, was just me, my girlfriend and this lady sat on her own.

Covent Garden.jpg ISO 800, F4, 1/80th Sec. The inside of Covent Garden Piazza, I love the architecture of this place, like a Victorian shopping arcade mixed with a Mediterranean marketplace.

Horseback.jpg ISO 400, F4, 1/40th Sec. This guy and his comrade were sat here all day on their horses guarding, well guarding an open gate that tourists can walk straight through to be perfectly honest.


  1. Hi, popped over from Community Pool. Even though these photos are black and white they seem vibrant. I have to say that I prefer these to the other set of landscape photos taken with film.
    Best wishes.


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