Instax Experiment

So following on from a post I made last week (here if you’re interested) where I took a few photo’s of my girlfriend using a Fuji Instax I bought her for Valentine’s, someone made a suggestion that they’d be interested to see the result’s of what she shot (that someone being Yurirasin9) . I said myself I was impressed with the quality of Instax film, the colour is particularly nice I think it has a classic 80’s/early 90’s look to it and when shooting landscape has a painterly quality.

With that said I’ve scanned in the two image’s she took that day, one she was actually taking when I took the first photo in the previous post, and also a self portrait of myself. The first two I quite like, the third I’m not hugely convinced by but I think that has more to do with the camera being fooled by me standing next to a bright window in a darker room.

I would give the setting’s, aperture and shutter speed, like I usually do but as the Instax 210 is fully automatic I haven’t a clue what it shot these on. I do know the film is ISO 800 and the lens has a fixed aperture of F14 and is 95mm, but as for shutter speed your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway have a look and let me know what you think?

Roath Park Instax.jpg This is what I meant when I said the film had a “painterly” quality to it when shooting landscape. It seem’s to really accentuate the blue’s in the water and sky and give the green’s and brown’s a saturated look as if this had been made with brush strokes rather than a camera. I really like this.

Me and Jo Instax.jpg Not the kind of image I take, since I’m almost always on the other end of the camera. The camera uses zone focussing so I believe this may have been taken with the close-up attachment on (basically a tiny plastic piece of garbage you stick on the end of the lens that fools it into focussing closer than it should). This is what I mean when I said how the colour’s have an 80’s/90’s feel to them, I’m old enough to remember the 90’s and sort of film when it was the only medium available. I remember my grandfather having a Polaroid and the colour’s coming out like this, it’s a nice retro look.

Self Portrait Instax.jpg And this is the terrible self portrait I mentioned earlier, being (for want of a better word) a toy camera, albeit a relatively sophisticated one, it seem’s its auto exposure got confused here and despite me being indoor’s underexposed due to the bright window. My fault for standing next to it. You can see the flash going off in the mirror, I’m not sure what the black rectangle is in the middle of the flash but it was there throughout the whole development time. Either way again what colour you can see in this I think re-iterates my previous point about the retro look.

I am considering picking one of these, if not a Fuji camera then perhaps an equivalent Lomography one that take’s Instax film, as I have an idea for a project I’d like to start in the future. What do you guy’s think, good idea?


  1. I like the photos and the idea of the project.
    The second one has a nice softness, it reminds me a filter I used for portraits, the effect was very similar. (Then we didn’t have Photoshops 🙂

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