Street Photography – Cardiff Streets 14

It’s taken until the fourteenth edition of this series of street photography taken on film i  Cardiff for me to use something other than my Olympus OM-1, but this one is it. The following were taken on my Leica IIIc with 50cm Industar 1:3.5 lens (yes I have the cheap Russian copy glass) on Fomapan Classic 100.

First off this is the first time I’ve used a true range-finder, and when I say that I don’t mean an auto-exposure, zonal focussing one like my Olympus Trip, I mean one with a coupled range-finder, with proper focusing. Something that take’s longer than 10 seconds to take a photograph, something that involves a lot of practice and precision, and something with the most satisfying “click” you will ever hear in a shutter. Now the reason I say that will become quite apparent quickly below, I am not used to how this camera operates and thus these are the best image’s from a bad bunch. Let me know what you think, be kind.

Arcade f4 100th Sec.jpg F4, 1/100th Sec. OK as you can probably tell this was the first shot from the roll, hence the big exposed line down the left hand side. A shame really as I think it would’ve worked well, the man at the bottom below us walking towards, the man above to the right walking away, the railings leading away and converging etc.

Arcade 2 f4 100th Sec.jpg F4, 1/100th Sec. Another shot I’m not too happy with, mainly because it could’ve come out so much better. It’s off centre, which annoy’s me.

Arcade 3 f4 100th Sec.jpg F4, 1/100th Sec. This is more like it, leading lines drawing the eye from the left of the image foreground down and across to the background and right to the lone figure stood staring at a window.

Arcade 4 f4 100th Sec.jpg F4, 1/100th Sec. Again not totally happy with this, the subject matter is something I like as the man on crutches look’s interesting but again it feel’s slightly off centre, like the image should’ve been taken with more of the row of tables on the right in the frame.

Arcade 5 f4 100th Sec.jpg F4, 1/100th Sec. This is more like what I wanted from the above image, but this time the subject mater of the people walking away is not as interesting as the man in the previous photo. At least I go the row of tables and chairs repeating off into the distance  right.

So there we have it, I’m not that pleased with the results so far, some have come out OK and other’s have come out not OK (in fact out of 24 exposures on the roll I have barely deemed 9 worthy of being posted on here). However I’m going to put this down to not having used the Leica before and just needing to get to know it better, something I will definitely be doing as despite it’s limitation’s and slowness it is lovely to shoot with, just feel’s well made. As usual let me know your thought’s in the comments below about these.


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