Street Photography – Cardiff Streets 15

Apologies for the lack of updates to this blog over the past few day’s, I’ve been out of the UK and visiting Berlin and with limited access to the internet, and the fact it was more of a party weekend than a photo tour weekend I would’t have been able to post anything. With that said I did take a couple off rolls worth of shot’s with my OM-1 and my OM-D EM-5 was with me as well so there will be some image’s coming up over the next week or so of that.

Back to the matter at hand, the fifteenth instalment of this street photography series taken on film, again these one’s have been shot on my Leica IIIc with Fomapan Classic 100 film, enjoy.

Coffee Shop f4 30th Sec.jpg F4, 1/30th Sec. Was always going to struggle with ISO 100 film and a lens that doesn’t stop down below f3.5 in an indoor environment like this, but I quite like the moody dark look to this, I think it focuses the eye more towards the couple in the window and although it’s limited the detail you can see on them they do stand out more against the blackness around them. I also like the lighting you can see reflected in the windows, like orbs repeated over and over again.

Streets 2 f8 100th Sec.jpg F8, 100th Sec. Again darkness and shadow with the repeated illuminated signs leading into the distance. Also the repetition of pillars focusing your eye towards the middle of the image where you can just make out the figure walking away from us.

Streets 3 f8 100th Sec.jpg F8, 1/100th Sec. I liked this shot as the man is nicely framed by the doorway he’s stood in and directly opposite the drawing in the window of the restaurant, it’s almost like the image of one is what they want to project about their establishment and the guy having a cigarette break is the real human face of it.

Streets f8 100th Sec.jpg F8, 1/100th Sec. I like how the man walking away from us has been caught at the exact moment it tell’s him to feast like a king above his head, almost like it’s a thought bubble.

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