UK Photography Show 2016: Part Two

As I mentioned yesterday I took a trip up to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on Tuesday to visit the UK Photography Show and other than grabbing all the freebies and trying (playing around with) out all the cool kit, I took a few photo’s. The first instalment can be found here so check that out and below are the rest of what I shot, including my favourite of the day (on digital, I shot film as well but need to get that developed). Again all shot on my Olympus OM-D EM-5 with Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm lens, enjoy and as always please feel free to comment below.

P1010049.jpg ISO 800, F2.8, 1/160th Sec. I have never been a big fan of compacts, I mean the fixed focal length and relatively poorer quality sensor compared to larger camera’s have always put me off. However now I find myself shooting mainly with prime lenses, a small camera (my EM-5) and street photography I have seriously considered some of the higher spec models. The Sony RX1RII or the previous model are those considerations, I just wish they weren’t so darn expensive.

P1010057.jpg ISO 800, F4, 1/160th Sec. Hands up who loves shooting medium format? I have never even touched a Hasselblad before I picked this beauty up, there’s just something about classic design and ergonomics isn’t there? Now if only I had the £9k the guy on the stand quoted for it.

P1010058.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/320th Sec. Anyone else have a fascination with the inner working’s of machine’s? I really do, I stood here for a good five minutes while this guy and another poked around inside this printer just so I could glimpse the inside’s.

P1010060.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/160th Sec. Well, if you insist I guess I better had photo you.

P1010063.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/125th Sec. I do not even remember which company’s stand this was, I just liked the look of the crowd and the gentleman in intense conversation with the lady on the left.

P1010064.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/400th Sec. hmmm I’m not so sure about this. I mean taking selfie’s is one of those cultural things that I guess get’s the youngsters involved and also get’s a lot of publicity for the event if they’re tweeting themselves stood here. There’s just something about this that feel’s slightly contrived, like it’s been made by some marketing exec who hasn’t ever spoken to a young person before coming up with this idea. Then again maybe it’s just because I’m reaching the end of my twenties and starting to act more like a a grumpy old man?

P1010065.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/250th Sec. I’ll say it again, I’m not a huge fan of Lomography the company, I just think their price point for the products is too high considering what they actually are. That being said I do like the fact they’re resurrecting old lens designs, the petzval and Jupiter 3 for example, and I did have a lovely chat with this guy here about the Instax film. Was nice to talk to someone on the same wavelength as yourself when you speak about the merits of Instax over Impossible film. So they’re not all bad, they’re winning me over.

P1010067.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/400th Sec. This is it, this is my favourite photo I took that whole day. I can’t for the life of me remember what stand this was leaning up against but the expression on the face and the crossed armed pose of this cardboard cut out sumo wrestler is fantastic. I had to photograph it.

P1010072.jpg ISO 800, F1.4, 1/100th Sec. Phwoar, check out those bellows. There’s something beautiful about a modern take on classic technology, I have a slight obsession with watching videos of large format photography at the moment and the sight of this just made me stop and stare. Simply Gorgeous.

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