Street Photography – Cardiff Streets 17

Welcome to another entry of what has become an “artistic” version of street photography, yes that’s my excuse for them all being horribly out of focus and I’m sticking with it. More images taken on my Leica IIIc with 50mm lens on Fomapan Classic 100, mostly horribly blurred but I’m sharing them anyway. Annoyingly most of these look ok as thumbnails, ah what flaw’s a tiny image can hide.

8 f5.jpg

9 f5.jpg

10 f5.jpg

11 f8 100th sec.jpg

12 f8 100th sec.jpg This one isn’t too bad, at least you can make out faces if not the signs on the fruits and vegetables.

13 f8 100th sec.jpg

14 f8 100th sec.jpg What they all could’ve, and should’ve, looked like. I don’t whether I’m more annoyed at how the vast majority of this roll turned out on that I did manage to take some decent shot’s, mocking myself for making the rest of them look terrible.

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