Nine Days in Italia – Parte Nove: Final Day, The Perfect Day To Sunburn

All good things come to an end and so my trip to Italia had to as well. The final day in Pisa consisted of sitting in the tiny amount of shade we could find in the Campo Dei Miracoli and huddling under the even smaller amount of shade in the market while Jo searched for a present for her nephews, who’d have thought there were so many fridge magnets of the same thing for sale? To be honest there isn’t a to to do in Pisa when you’ve seen the main sight the day before and your flight isn’t until 10pm.

The day began with me spending a good 15 minutes working out how to ask the lady who ran the pensione if we could leave our bags and if she could sort out a taxi to take us to the airport that evening, I felt really proud of myself for working out exactly what to say. We came down the stairs and the first thing the old lady said was “baggagli e taxi?”, completely bypassing my need to ask her, bah. After that we headed up to the Duomo and spent the afternoon lazing in the sunshine, the baking hot painfully sunburning sunshine, yes I managed to sunburn on the last damn day! In fact I managed to sunburn a hand print into my shoulder, much to Jo’s amusement, I obviously hadn’t put the sun-cream on properly, bah again. After that we took a wander around the market for the aforementioned fridge magnets and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching the carabinieri playing a fun game of cat and mouse with the illegal street sellers. They’d appear, the street sellers flogging their fake watches would disappear down an alleyway, the carabinieri would walk on, the traders would reappear, and then repeat over and over. Very entertaining. Finally we got back to the pensione to receive the strangest goodbye I’ve ever had from a hotel, no we couldn’t use the shower to freshen up but yes we could have an enthusiastic goodbye, kisses on both cheeks and an eccentric old lady waving out the window at us like we were leaving grandmother’s house.

Anyway this is the final set of photos taken from our nine days in Italia, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. As usual all these are taken on my Olympus OM-1 and today’s film stock was Agfa Vista 200.


2.jpg I like this view of the Torre di Pisa, although mainly because the angle takes in this cool statue of cherubs holding the crest of Pisa.


4.jpg The market just outside the old city walls.



7.jpg The old walls at the campo dei miracoli.


9.jpg The baptistery, such a fantastically detailed building, just look at the statues all around it.

10.jpg The Beatles in Pisa?



13.jpg These walls have stood for near a thousand years, I love places where you can walk in the presence of such history.






19.jpg A military plane was circling around in the afternoon, quite please I caught this shot of it.


21.jpg Pisa really is a pretty city, but more than a day of visiting was more than enough.


23.jpg And the final shot of the holiday, A bottle of Aperol picked up in the airport duty free, can’t leave Italy without taking the ingredients for a spritz home.

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