Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 71

Welcome to edition 71 of Street Photography taken with my Olympus OM-D EM-5, enjoy.

Bicycle.jpg 17mm M.Zuiko 1:1.8 , ISO 1000, f1.8, 1/25th sec. I liked the strong shadows being cast by the artificial lighting here, this was late in the night on the way back to the car after dinner.

Bruce Waynes Day Off.jpg 17mm M.Zuiko 1:1.8, ISO 400, f4, 1/80th sec. I called this one on my computer “Bruce Wayne’s day off”, although why Bruce Wayne would advertise himself as Batman on his t shirt on a day off I don’t know. This was shot through a mirrored store front.

Cardiff Bay.jpg 17mm M.Zuiko 1:1.8, ISO 1000, f1.8, 1/4th sec. Strong artificial lights repeating across this image and into the distance, contrasting against the dark and cloudy sky.

Coffe Shop.jpg 25mm Panasonic Leica Summilux 1:1.4, ISO 800, f1.4, 1/20th sec.A standard street photography technique I use if to shoot from the table in a coffee shop, firstly it’s less obvious you’re going to be noticed and the candid nature of the image be lost, and secondly because you tend to see interesting looking and dressed people, example here being the guy on the right in the suit and hat, cool beard too.


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