Project 52: Week 52; Portrait – Another Self Portrait

So the 52 week project has finally reached it’s climax, 52 weeks of sometimes slightly random theme’s and assignments designed to force me to branch out my photographic perspective, or something like that anyway. As many of you may be aware I’ve not been enjoying this project as much as I thought I would, sometimes it’s felt a chore, sometimes I’ve struggled to fit the brief for a particular week, sometimes I just haven’t bothered and then plastered out a number of posts quickly in succession. I will say this, it’s done.

However it wasn’t all bad, there was some weeks where the theme’s genuinely fit my style and what I like to create with my photography, any landscape week was a blessing basically, and it also meant that on some weeks where I couldn’t physically take the shot to fit I got to go through my portfolio and see/share images I hadn’t seen in some time. Hopefully some of you guys out there enjoyed this and hopefully the next project I start, or release on this blog, will be something else you’ll enjoy reading through as well.

So Week 52’s theme is “Another Self Portrait”, the same as week 1 but as it’s been a whole year since that post I’m guessing the idea is that maybe I’ll have changed. I’m certainly older, that’s a given, I’ve moved house so the background to the image is very different to week 1 and from the image below I’m certainly “beardier” (if that’s a word, hint it probably isn’t). This image is also taken on Fuji Instax, a film type that I have a current love/hate relationship with, sometimes it comes out great, other times it’s massively over/under exposed or looks washed out or horribly contrasted. This image however I think has come out not too badly.


But wait, this may not be the end of Project 52. Someone has suggested to me that as this year is technically a 53 (ish) week year that perhaps  could squeeze in a final bonus entry at the end of the year. I’m undecided (although leaning towards ok fine just do it) so watch this space, it’ll be a theme of my choosing as there ins’t one from the list I was given  originally. Like I said I hope you enjoyed this series, keep your eyes peeled for maybe one more.

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