Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 72

Welcome to edition 72 of my street photography series taken using my Olympus OM-D EM-5 and Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm lens, enjoy.

Flump.jpg ISO 400, f3.5, 1/50th sec. For those of you that aren’t from the UK a “Flump” is a sort of marshmallow, and for those of you not from Planet Earth the U.S. elected a man child earlier this year as it’s next leader (that’s as political as I’ll ever get, promise). Seriously though I loved the look of this poster, it’s ridiculous in a very funny way, although why they didn’t point out that in the UK the word Trump is a childish slang word for a fart and go in that direction I don’t know.

P1010027.jpg ISO 800, f4, 1/200th sec. Just some outdoor table sanding, nothing to see here. I went for the standard rule of thirds positioning here, with a large empty negative space to the right of the man and his tools. I do like that you can see the people out of shot on the reflective surface of the window in the centre too.

P1010031.jpg ISO 800, f1.4, 1/640th sec. I was sat having a coffee and noticed this large metal decoration floating above the door of the coffee shop I was in, I liked the shape of it.

P1010032.jpg ISO 400, f4, 1/800th sec. Shot from the hip and at an angle as I went past, hence why its come out slightly slanted, I liked the guys hat, jacket and boots combination so snapped a sneaky image, I’m pleased he ended up being framed by the traffic lights in the background and his head fitted between them and the planter behind him also.

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