2016 Review

Hello all you lovely readers out there in the land of internet/webz, I hope you’ve all had a great year and a great Christmas and are suitably hungover or in some sort of gluttony based food paralysis that will last for a few days before your recovery. Last year I wrote a similarly titled post, not quite the same obviously as it had the words 2015 instead of 2016 in it, and it seemed to go down well so I thought I’d do it again. First off apologies if anything in this post has been overtaken by events as I’m writing it a few weeks prior to the end of the year since I actually have the time available to do it and because it means I can schedule this and concentrate on the really important things, going out and making photographs.

Now first things first I’d like to say a big thank you to all followers of this blog, new and old, which at current count (this could’ve changed by the time you’re reading this of course) stands at around 448. That’s four hundred and forty Eight people who have taken the time to not only like what I share on here but also liked it enough to want to bookmark me and keep coming back for more, that is bloody awesome. To put that into perspective, when I wrote a similar thank you last year I had around 175 followers, either I’m doing something right or a lot of people have gone mad, I’m hoping it’s the former. A big, genuine, massive thank you to all of you, it really does feel great knowing that something you enjoy and like to share with the world is something other people seem to like and enjoy seeing as well, it really makes me feel appreciated. This blog has grown from just some random musings and images of mine into something that’s turned into (well not taking over my life as I still have a day job and other interests but certainly) a large part of my life and so having people all over the world share it with me is a truly awesome thing.

Last year I used this kind of post to tell you a bit about myself, what I’m going to do this time is tell you a little about the things I’ve been doing and have happened in my life over the last 12 months and some what will be happening in the future. So, this year I have visited two countries, Germany and Italy, one for a stag weekend for one of my friends the other as a genuine holiday with my girlfriend. The German trip had limited photo opportunities although there are some images here, but the Italian trip turned into a specific project which can be found here. My Nine day trip through Italy become probably my first genuine attempt at a photo essay/story, with a lot of words to go along with the images and me making a concerted effort each day to document roughly what me and my girlfriend had done, seen and visited. I really enjoyed doing it and sharing the final product, sure it’s a little rough around the edges but I’m quite proud of what I created. This year I turned 30 years old, which was actually one of the reasons why I wanted to go on holiday to Italy in the first place, the second being the fact that for over a year now I’ve been learning to speak Italian, don’t ask me to say anything I don’t think I’m very good (although others in the class disagree). I also moved out of the flat I’d been sharing with a friend of mine and into a place with my girlfriend, it almost feels like I’ve grown up, almost. My day job has moved from the outskirts to the centre of the city i live in, Cardiff, thus meaning I can no longer drive to work but also that I have more opportunities to shoot street photography. I’ve also attended a number of friends’ weddings and been able to shoot a lot of images at those, giving every single one of the images I’d taken as a wedding present to one of the couples’. I have a lot more weddings to attend next year so there’ll be a lot more where that came from. Those are the main things I can remember, I’m sure there’s loads more I’ve done and loads more that I’ve documented on here so if you want to look back through the archives then please go ahead.

Another post I wrote around this time last year was around New Years Resolutions, and specifically ones attached to here and my photography. A similar post will be going live soon for the coming year but I thought perhaps it would be good to go through what I said last time around and see how many, if any, were kept or came to fruition.

First up I said I was going to “Shoot more”, what a horribly vague resolution. I guess I easily crossed this one off the list, however what I actually meant was to shoot more and post more regularly to here, at the time the posts were erratic, appearing as and when I’d had a blitz of new images and then drying up for weeks at a time. I think this was something I did achieve, regular readers of the blog will probably have noticed how much more steady the stream of content I post is, I try to post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday regularly and the 52 week project I did was posted pretty often on a Sunday. Now there have been times when this hasn’t happened but I think for the most part I’ve kept this resolution.

Next up I stated I was going to “shoot better”, again how vague and odd of a resolution, I wouldn’t even know how to measure if this had happened or not. I guess you guys will have to be the judge of this one, I think I’ve gotten better as a photographer and also as a writer to some extent but the real proof is in what other people think, so, what do you think?

OK the third resolution is one I have definitely done, if not smashed the record for, “use a wider variety of cameras”. At the time I wrote that I claimed I mostly used my Olympus OM-1, OMD EM5 and Nikon D5200 but that I had a lot more cameras and should probably dust them off. This I have definitely done, other than the three already mentioned I’ve made and posted images from my Canon AE-1 Program, Olympus Auto Eye, Olympus Trip, Yashica D, Zenza Bronica S2A, Practika MTL, Leica IIIc and likely a few more I can’t remember. On the down side I’ve become a little bit of a gear hoarder, whoops.

Fourth resolution was to “start a photography project”, well that’s easy, I started several with my 52 week project being the most obvious, here it is if you’re interested, but also my Nine Days in Italia project and a secret Fuji Instax based project that I have not mentioned until now (yes there’s the exclusive right there) that will be seeing the light of day in a few months time. So yes, this resolution was met.

Ah resolution five was one that I declared as being slightly selfish but also one I really wanted to do; “increase readership/viewership”. At the time of me writing that this blog had 178 followers and my Flickr account had around 328, I stated I would like to increase the blog to 300 and Flickr to 500 (that was optimistic considering how little I’ve been posting there). Flickr is negligible as I rarely post on that account and this blog has become the main focus of where I share my images, so I’ll discount the fact I, ahem massively missed that target (372 if you’re interested). However increasing readership of this blog has been a great success, so much so that by May I had hit 300 and re-assessed the number to a more optimistic 450. At time of writing I haven’t hit 450, although it is close, but I’m still really happy with this, for the reasons stated earlier, I love to share my images and thoughts with the world and feel truly honoured that over 400 people out there actually care about them. Thank You again guys.

The final resolution I set for myself was sort of similar to the fourth one “start a new photo series”, I had already been posting regularly street photography and was looking for something new to share on a regular basis, I think I found exactly what I was looking for when I bought a Yashica D and started shooting some medium format film. So much so that I’ve now bought a Zenza Bronica S2A as well and have found myself at times shooting more 120mm than 35mm film, and sharing the resultant images more often as well. If you haven’t seen it and would like to my Medium Format series is going strong and I update it very regularly.

So there we have it, the resolutions I made last year and sort of kept, well to the best of my ability I guess. I’ll be making some more for 2017 shortly with an aim to doing some new things in my photography and with this blog so watch this space for that. In the meantime thanks again for reading The 6 Million P Man – Photographs I have Taken and if you’re a subscriber thank you for wanting to continue reading as well, I hope you guys have a great New Year and come back for more in the future.

Buon Natale e Buon Anno

The 6 Million P Man

Ed Worthington



  1. Great New Years Eve reading, Ed. Loved your posts last year, and I’m looking forward to more, as they are always a joy to look at! For you and your loved ones have a blessed, successful, happy and healthy 2017! And may there always be great light in front of your lens! Marcus

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You very much Marcus, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your images this year as well so I’m glad you’ve felt the same way about my work. The same good wishes to yourself and family also. Ed

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy new year.

    I really enjoyed your review of the year. I am only just found your blog but I am keen to relive your post year. Great work

    Ivy x


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