One Year – Week One

So I’ve kept this quiet but thought I’d start releasing the images for it. Welcome to One Year, a project I started a while back to take a single image on Fuji Instax every week for a year, so far I’ve taken plenty and I thought it was about time to start sharing this out with people. Each image will have a vague description of what it is and most are around the flat I live in or the immediate vicinity outside, the original idea being to document a year of living with my girlfriend.

So without any delay welcome to Week One and the image taken below;


Moving in presents from the family, a bottle of Prosecco for my girlfriend and a bottle of something red for me. I thought I’d start off where I meant to go on with an image that typifies our life, wine and baked goods (hence the cake mixer and weighing scales behind. This was literally the only thing we had in the kitchen for a day or two.


  1. I challenge myself to do one a day with the new AUTOMAT camera from lomography but so far i have failed miserably, maybe i should have gone for the one a week…

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      1. You’ll see as this project progreses just how hit and miss a lot of my images have ended up too. There’s something about Instax where it’s either spot on or horribly, horribly underexposed.

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