Hungarian Adventure – Part Five: Killing Time In The Market

The final day of our trip to Budapest and what finer way to spend it than by being crushed by thousands of bodies while you follow your girlfriend around a market inspecting the same souvenir baubles over and over again. Yes that’s what we did in the sort time we had left before we were picked up to go to the airport.

OK perhaps it wasn’t as dramatic or traumatic and experience as I’m making out, but lets just say the Old Market was heaving with people, locals and tourists alike, and is not an experience I would recommend to any agoraphobes. I bought myself some paprika because, well why not? It’s about the most Hungarian thing you can buy. I also bought a snazzy leather flat cap that made me look like a 1920’s revolutionary, sadly I resigned myself to not trying to take the telephone exchange for the revolution, maybe another time.

Other than our trip to the market not a lot else happened on our final day, except for a very nice conversation with a very friendly taxi driver who spoke something like seven languages and didn’t like French tourists for some reason. He also wasn’t particularly fond of English stag party groups and when he found out we were actually Welsh not English wanted to know all about Wales and the language. What a shame I can only say about 5 phrases and one of them is “I am going to the supermarket”. We left Budapest behind with a glorious sunset high above the clouds, which made up for the screaming child behind me and the thoroughly unpleasant UK Border Control officer, welcome home.

Final images are as usual taken with my Olympus OM-1 using Lomography Color 400, hope you’ve enjoyed them all.


2.jpg Welcome to one of the circles of Hell! Literally the busiest place I have been in for years, and everyone is in your way, ALL THE TIME!

3.jpg But awesome stuff like this is for sale.



6.jpg Sat on the tarmac waiting to head home.



9.jpg Now that’s a view, the Danube far below and the setting sun lighting up the sky below the clouds in the distance.

10.jpg These last two are what happens when you have a mixture of Lomography film (which I have found to either be very good or very, ahem odd) and a camera that decided to open itself in your hands. Damn. Funky colours though.



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