Medium Format: One Hundred And Five

Jim Grey (by the way thanks for mentioning me and sharing my blog with your readers Jim) recently described this blog as containing “A lot of medium format”, which I was going to attempt to argue with until I realised that actually, yes it does contain a lot of medium format. Ever since I started shooting film again (yes I’m old enough to have done it as a child in the past) I’ve been looking to create something that just looks right, in my opinion 120 does that so much better than 35. It’s not just the size of the negative, the shape of the prints or the relatively small number of shots you can take that does it, I think it’s more than that. I think 120 just clicks with me for some reason and that’s the reason I shoot so much of it and share so much of it here. Anyway to continue the “A lot of medium format” theme welcome to edition One Hundred And Five of that, let me know your thoughts and if you’re new to this blog please check out my earlier posts and work too.

Jo f16 125th sec.jpg Yashica D, 80mm, Kodak Ektar 100, f16, 1/125th sec.


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