So I Joined Instagram

This is going to be a slightly wordy entry rather than the usual “here is a photo I took, look at it” kind of thing but it’s something I wanted to talk about and put out there, I have (finally) set up an Instagram account and have been sharing older images on there. Find it here if that interests you, give it a follow if it interest you that much. 

Now the reason I felt the need to write a blog post about this is because….I have always had an avert, secret loathing towards Instagram and never had any interest in joining it before now. I’ve just always viewed it as basically a Facebook with pictures rather than any text, a place where people follow you for follow back’s, where spam and bots descend upon the masses, where people desperately crave likes and social acceptance from people they’ll never meet. That’s how I’ve felt, up until a few weeks ago when I set up an account.

Basically I was encouraged to do so by a friend who suggested, correctly as it turned out, that sharing my images there was probably a good idea. I resisted for a while and then eventually after their tenth time of suggesting I gave in. Now I’m not saying it’s not a place full of all the awful stuff I mentioned above but I have found it a useful creative outlet as I can link it directly to Twitter and Facebook and it doesn’t take quite as much effort as writing a blog piece plus it gets my images out to a different audience.

So, yeah I am on Instagram now, I’ve been sharing older images, all of which have been taken on film, and day to day general stuff as well. It’s pretty regularly updated so if you want to check me out on there then do so through the link or hunt me down (as usual it’s The6millionpman on there as well as here).


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