Un Giro D’Italia – Parte Due

Welcome to the second part of my diary from my travels around Italy last November. As before all images below are taken with my Olympus OM-1 and are on either Fuji Superia 200 or Agfa Vista 200 colour film.


I woke up late on my second full day in Torino, later than I would have liked anyway, thanks to the foolish overspending on beers with my abandoned Canadian friend. This meant I’d missed the free breakfast, damn it, and had to hunt down coffee which isn’t so bad considering the country I was in. I decided that this day I would go and see the Turin Shroud, now when I say “see” what I really mean is look at a glass case which housed a box which house a shroud that was hidden away, but you get the idea. I wasn’t that impressed with it, I know carbon dating has shown it’s a medieval fake but I was still expecting something more than what I got to see. The Cathedral itself is very nice however.



Anyway I decided to do a little wandering around the city, one of my favourite things to do on any trip is not just see the regular tourist trap sights and museums but also just walk around aimlessly, looking, people watching, photographing (you get the idea).





I can’t help photographing long covered walkways like this, the light is just too perfect as it shines through the gaps.










After a few hours I stumbled across several little markets, this one was pretty much all cheese and meats. Later on I came across another one that also had what I would describe as “parlour games” on the street, hook a duck and things like that.





I sat next to the river to have a little lunch, bread mostly as I’m a cheapskate and wanted to keep my money for real food later on in the evening. The spot I chose at first however smelled terrible, I don’t know how I managed to find the part of the river that smelled of drains but I did. A little further away and it was fine.





That girl stood right in the way of my camera for about 5 minutes taking selfie after selfie of herself!



The market set up in Piazza Vittorio Veneto is in the background on the right in the distance, the one with the games on the pavement.


The Piazza Castello. Pro Tip; if you want free wifi and you’re a cheapskate like me, sit on one of the benches near to the castle and you can connect to the museum wifi without even needing to go inside. Yeah I am terrible.


After lunch I took a walk back up from the river and visited the Risorgimento Museum. It was very interesting but very little of the explanation or exhibits had English equivalent’s, not that I am complaining as firstly it’s an Italian museum and secondly I know quite a bit about the Risorgimento anyway. One thing that I did find quite bizarre was the whole corridor dedicated to the “History of Cinzano”, I guess maybe they had some sponsorship deal or something?





Yes I took a lot of images of anything with Garibaldi and his fine beard whenever I got the chance.



If you’d like to purchase any of my images then drop me a message through the contact page, or alternatively you can visit my Etsy Store where you can also find copies of the photo zine I made of some of the nicest images I made during this trip.

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