Month: March 2018

Street Photography Italia 10

Hello everyone, welcome to the tenth entry of street photography images taken the last time I was in Italy. As always these are from my Olympus OM-1 and on Ilford Fp4 125 film stock. Enjoy, comment, like, hate, whatever.

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Un Giro D’Italia – Parte Otto

For my tenth day in Italy I awoke early to catch a train, I was going on a day trip from Firenze to the nearby city of Prato. What I was soon to learn that not only had I gone far too early in the day but that I had also gone on the wrong day, a Monday, when half of the place was closed.

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Medium Format: One Hundred And Seventy Five

So I have been neglecting this website for some time as I’ve been away a lot recently. I’m back now and updates are going to be more frequent again hopefully, however I do have an Instagram that I pretty religiously update most days as well here if you do want to see more frequent images of mine.

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