Another Trip To Italy

So this has become something of a regular thing, I’m off to Italy at the end of this week for another journey around the country (Saturday to be exact). This time it won’t be quite as epic as last year (that was a little under three weeks and involved 6 cities), this time around the plan currently stands at 2, Milano and Bologna, although this could be a little more fluid.

Anyway the whole point of this post is to say that if you want to follow my travels/adventures then the best place to do that is on either Twitter or Instagram as like the last time around I will be regularly posting the weird and wonderful things that happen to me (and some images too) on those platforms.

Secondly to state officially the pretty much obvious statement that I will definitely be making a new zine of images that I have taken once they are taken, developed, scanned and actually made into zine format….SO keep your eyes open for more of that. (update: It’s now available through my Etsy Store).

And finally in the spirit of previous travels and zine’s this is a good excuse to revisit some of the images I made the last time around, hope you enjoy and remember if you want a print of any then drop me a message (unfortunately I sold out of zine’s from the last trip a while back).

1 Duomo f5.6 500th sec.jpg (more…)