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595 Camera Strap – Opinion

This is going to be an odd one for me as firstly; this is not a second hand product, and secondly; I don’t tend to promote things that I’ve bought unless they’re a camera on lens. I bought a very nice camera strap from 595 Strap co and have been using it on my Olympus OM-1,now I never normally care what kind of strap I use for a camera as I very rarely actually use them for their purpose and have tons of cheap ones just lying about. This though, is an exception to the rule.

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Yashica D – Opinion

This is an article I wrote a while ago for another site that never got published, in fact I’d almost forgotten I’d written it. Think it’s about time it saw the light of day as it’s about one of my favourite cameras and the one that I used for all the Medium Format images you see on the sight at the moment. Enjoy.

I’m sure like many of my fellow photo geek’s out there one of the main reasons I fell into film photography wasn’t because I like the way film looks (although that is very helpful), or because I wanted to jump on the hipster bandwagon (despite a few people telling me otherwise), it’s because of the rich history of photography before the digital age. Why would you want to limit yourself to only shooting digital and taking the same bog standard images as everyone else on the same bog standard equipment as everyone else? There’s a veritable treasure trove of goodies that are a little bit different to your common or garden camera or lens just waiting out there in the land of the internet for you to try. And that is what I’m going to talk about today, something a little different, something a little special, the Yashica D TLR.

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Olympus Auto Eye – A Short Review (Sort Of)

As many of you who follow this blog or my twitter (@6millionpphotos in case you’re wondering) I am quite the fanboy of camera’s of the Olympus persuasion. I’ve got more than a few, and find myself drooling over the thought of getting my hands on more than a few others. With that said this post is going to focus on a slightly less well known camera from Olympus’ past, the grandfather perhaps of the well known Olympus Trip, the Olympus Auto Eye. This was given to me by a friend in work  as I seem to have attained the tag of “the guy who likes cameras” and get given random cameras every now and again.

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Using OM Lenses on Micro Four Thirds

I’ve been thinking about this for a whole and recently got around to purchasing one of these, an adapter for my Olympus OM-D EM-5 that allows the usage of Olympus OM film lenses on a modern digital camera. It’s little more than a lump of metal with differing lens mounts on either side and cost a negligible amount but has proved to be quite useful.

OM to Micro Four Thirds.jpg OM to Micro 4/3rds adapter. (more…)

Praktica MTL3

My sister’s boyfriend managed to get hold of this for me, I’m still not entirely sure it was a wise purchase on my hand but we’ll get on to that. Built like a tank, and not just due to it’s mechanic’s but the fact it literally weigh’s a ton, I mainly wanted to get my hand’s on this as I’ve never shot an East German camera before and have heard of how Praktica’s are generally OK if not great camera’s.

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Slight Update

I’ve made a very minor update to the blog, as you may have noticed there is now a header image at the top of each page, didn’t realise this was available on this theme but I’ve decided to use it and randomize it to show various landscape image’s of mine. Hopefully it’s something that’ll work out well, although I am concerned it may detract from the actual image’s within my post’s. Let me know what you think, and if you like the header image’s let me know as well as I can send links to the full size version’s.

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Instax Experiment

So following on from a post I made last week (here if you’re interested) where I took a few photo’s of my girlfriend using a Fuji Instax I bought her for Valentine’s, someone made a suggestion that they’d be interested to see the result’s of what she shot (that someone being Yurirasin9) . I said myself I was impressed with the quality of Instax film, the colour is particularly nice I think it has a classic 80’s/early 90’s look to it and when shooting landscape has a painterly quality.

With that said I’ve scanned in the two image’s she took that day, one she was actually taking when I took the first photo in the previous post, and also a self portrait of myself. The first two I quite like, the third I’m not hugely convinced by but I think that has more to do with the camera being fooled by me standing next to a bright window in a darker room. (more…)

Q&A with the 6 Million P Man

Good Evening all, as this blog has grown over the past year, and in fact grown quite substantially in the last few month’s, it seem’s to have attracted a lot of new follower’s. So I thought I’d write a post that’s quite different to the usual one’s, and by that I mean I’m handing the rein’s over to you guy’s, the reader’s, for a little Question & Answer session. (more…)