Hungarian Adventure

Hungarian Adventure – Part Five: Killing Time In The Market

The final day of our trip to Budapest and what finer way to spend it than by being crushed by thousands of bodies while you follow your girlfriend around a market inspecting the same souvenir baubles over and over again. Yes that’s what we did in the sort time we had left before we were picked up to go to the airport.

OK perhaps it wasn’t as dramatic or traumatic and experience as I’m making out, but lets just say the Old Market was heaving with people, locals and tourists alike, and is not an experience I would recommend to any agoraphobes. I bought myself some paprika because, well why not? It’s about the most Hungarian thing you can buy. I also bought a snazzy leather flat cap that made me look like a 1920’s revolutionary, sadly I resigned myself to not trying to take the telephone exchange for the revolution, maybe another time. (more…)

Hungarian Adventure – Part Four: A Nice Relaxing Bath

Day four of our adventure in Budapest was a day I took very few images for a very good reason, hot spring water and an Olympus OM-1 don’t mix well. Hungary is a country that is blessed with an abundance of natural hot springs, apparently one of the main reasons the Romans settled near Budapest was to take advantage of the medicinal properties of the springs. If it was good enough for the mighty Roman Empire then it’s probably good enough for us to, so we spent most of the day relaxing in the water. I know what you’re thinking, March in Central Europe and bathing outside? The water was a comfortable 36 degrees in most of the pools, and in some as high as 42 degrees. Basically we spent the whole day having a giant bath with hundreds of strangers, and we loved it. (more…)

Hungarian Adventure – Part Three: Boat Trips & Putting The Fun Into Funicular Railway

Day Three started out badly at breakfast. Firstly I tried to be helpful, this is never going to go well, by offering an Italian lady the jug of milk I was using to make myself coffee in useless Brit abroad fashion, rather than just asking her in Italian, the language I have been studying for nearly two years. And then secondly, I failed to make toast. Granted it wasn’t just me, an American girl was stood next to me as confused by the toaster as I was, but she was the one who noticed that I hadn’t turned the damn thing on. Thankfully the day got better, much better.

We took a walk down to the Danube to hitch a ride on one of the river tour’s we’d purchased during our taxi ride from the airport, I wasn’t expecting very much, as you can imagine from a tour you bought from a taxi driver, but it was actually really good. It lasted a good two hours and was really interesting, a lot of the sights of the city are built along the riverbank so this was a great way of seeing them all and having a guide tell you the history of the place as well. However without the safety of the buildings protecting us from the wind that was hurtling down the river it was absolutely freezing. Though not as cold as later, but we’ll come onto that. (more…)

Hungarian Adventure – Part Two: National Holiday & A Balaton Bumm

For the second day of our Hungarian trip, and the first full day of sightseeing, we found ourselves surrounded by armed guards, police and other emergency services. No we didn’t end up in any trouble, our first full day in Budapest happened to be on a Hungarian national holiday, specifically National Day, a celebration of the (at the time failed but ultimately successful in the long run) 1848 revolution against Austrian rule. Our hotel, being on a main thoroughfare of the city, was surrounded by revellers, police and podiums with political figures giving speeches and rallies. It was a great spectacle of a nation coming out on to the streets to celebrate their heritage, history and pride. What it also meant is that every museum and public attraction was free for the whole day, a major result. (more…)

Hungarian Adventure – Part One: To Palinka Or Not To Palinka?

If you’re a regular visitor or follower of this blog you might be aware that I visited the Hungarian capital of Budapest about a month ago (if you’re not a regular or are new, hi there I visited Budapest a month ago. As you can imagine I can’t go anywhere without having at least one photographic capturing device on me at all times and a short break is not only no different, it’s an excuse to specifically create a project based on the trip itself. So with that in mind, welcome to Part One of my Hungarian Adventure photo series. This was my attempt to document the, roughly, 5 days in the city on film in a similar fashion to my “Nine Days In Italia” project from last year. I aimed to shoot a roll of film a day and then document the results along with the various activities that took place on each of those days. Unfortunately a roll a day didn’t quite work out, mainly because I was not technically there for 5 whole days due to travelling times but also because it’s pretty hard to shoot 36 images a day that you think are going to be worthwhile. However over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you what I did take and what me and my girlfriend got up to, I hope you enjoy. (more…)