Canon AE-1 Program

Grandmothers 80th Birthday

It was my Grandmothers 80th Birthday a few weeks ago and the whole family headed down to the Gower Peninsula and a cottage to spend the Weekend, here are some of my favourite images taken from the evening that everybody arrived and we went out for dinner.

All are taken on Agfa Vita Plus 200 using my Canaon AE-1 Program with 50mm lens.

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Motor Racing On Film : Part Three

Some more images from the BTCC final weekend back in October taken with my Canon AE-1 Program using Agfa Vista 200 film, parts One & Two are here if you want to see more. Please comment and give me your thoughts, personally Although the motion blur on the cars themselves make some of them a little difficult to see and the fact I had to manually focus on something going past me at 100 odd mph, I think these have all come out pretty well.

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Motor Racing On Film : Part One

I went to watch the final weekend of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at the start of October in Brands Hatch, was a Birthday present from earlier in the year. I’m not the biggest touring car fan although I am a big Motorsport fan so getting to see loud engines and squealing tyres is a plus no matter what it looks like. These are all shot with my Canon AE-1 Program on PoundLand special Agfa Vista 200 film, there’ll be a few parts to this so stay tuned for more images .

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Canon AE-1 Program – Opinion

A couple of weeks ago I shared an opinion piece on my Olympus OM-1, find that here, with an aim to do more of these short opinion pieces. This is exactly what this is going to be and this time around we have a very special camera, the Canon AE-1 Program. As in the previous post this is not going to be a technical low-down, for that have a nose at the Wikipedia page, nor is it going to be an in depth review of the camera, there’s plenty of that online already. No what this is going to be is me, just me talking about what I like about this piece of kit and what it means to me.

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Project 52: Week 42; Artistic – Minimalist

So this weeks subject is minimalism and I’ve chosen an image taken of a friend of mine playing on his computer in a darkened room. I feel the darkness helps to isolate hi as the main focus of the image as the only full light source is the computer screen he’s staring at, this was very much helped by using a low ISO film Fuji C200 with my Canon AE-1 Programme.

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Swans At The Lake

Some photo’s taken again back in the Summer (although the mist doesn’t exactly make it look like it) down Roath Lake in Cardiff, as you can see the swans and other birds had recently had their eggs hatch. All images using my Canon AE-1 Programme with 50mm lens on FujiColor C200 film.

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