More Cornwall – Falmouth & Crab Fishing

Some more images of my friends from Cornwall when I went to visit (one of whom is an excellent photographer you should check out Steven Prebble) taken on a selection of cameras as I had several rolls to finish. The following were used; Olympus OM-1, Olympus Trip, Olympus Auto Eye (yes I admit it, fanboy) and the film was either Lomography Color 400 or Agfas Vita Plus 200. Enjoy.

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Cornwall – King Harry Ferry & St Mawes

Another few from my recent trip to Cornwall. Somehow in a group of three where two voted not to go we still ended up doing what only one of us wanted to do, ride the King Harry Ferry across to St Mawes. Nice place, nothing to do.

All taken on Lomography Color 400 with my Olympus OM-1.

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Cornwall – Woods

Another selection of images taken a month or so ago when I went to visit some friends down in Cornwall. This time we went to some woods to take make some photographs on the premise that there had once been a good rope swing there. It took a fair amount of time to get there as we had no idea where we were going or even what the name of the pace we were going to was actually called, the rope swing was found eventually however.

All images are from my Olympus OM-1 with either 50mm F.Zuiko or 28mm Vivitar lenses on Lomography Color 400 film.

23.jpg┬áMy friend Steven Prebble, who is an excellent photographer. (more…)

More Cornwall

When I went to visit my friends in Cornwall a few weeks ago we decided to do a different type of photography each day and in a different place. The images here are from a day we decided to shoot a little street photography and went to Truro for a wander around. All of these are taken on my Olympus OM-1 with Lomography Color 400 film.

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Cornwall Medium Format

Back in March I travelled down to Cornwall to visit a few friends, I took a stupid amount of film and equipment with me and have finally got around to scanning them all in and ready to post here. Below are a number of images taken with my Yashica D and my Zenza Bronica S2A using Kodak Ektar and Fuji Pro 160s 120 film. Enjoy these images a nd please check out my friend Steve’s work too, he’s a brilliant photographer.

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Incoming Tide

I’ve been visiting some friends in Cornwall for the last week, hence the lack of updates on this blog, one of which happens to be a photographer. We went out whenever we could to take photos, weather permitting, and this is one from one of the times we did get out.

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