Cornwall Medium Format

Back in March I travelled down to Cornwall to visit a few friends, I took a stupid amount of film and equipment with me and have finally got around to scanning them all in and ready to post here. Below are a number of images taken with my Yashica D and my Zenza Bronica S2A using Kodak Ektar and Fuji Pro 160s 120 film. Enjoy.

Woods f8 125th.jpg (more…)

One Year – Week Six

6.jpg 6 weeks after moving in and we were off to a friend of ours wedding. This is my girlfriend dressed up for that occasion, I assume I’d been waiting for at least 4 hours at this point as she takes forever to do anything vaguely like getting ready. The wedding we went to is this one from a post last year.

One Year – Week Five


Week five of my year long Instax project. This is the classic games console set up we had after we decided to get hold of the tiny TV my girlfriend had in her parents house, annoyingly it didn’t work with the N64 of Super Nintendo you see pictured (we had an ancient telly for that instead).

One Year – Week One

So I’ve kept this quiet but thought I’d start releasing the images for it. Welcome to One Year, a project I started a while back to take a single image on Fuji Instax every week for a year, so far I’ve taken plenty and I thought it was about time to start sharing this out with people. Each image will have a vague description of what it is and most are around the flat I live in or the immediate vicinity outside, the original idea being to document a year of living with my girlfriend.

So without any delay welcome to Week One and the image taken below;

1.jpg (more…)