One Year – Week Six

6.jpg 6 weeks after moving in and we were off to a friend of ours wedding. This is my girlfriend dressed up for that occasion, I assume I’d been waiting for at least 4 hours at this point as she takes forever to do anything vaguely like getting ready. The wedding we went to is this one from a post last year.

One Year – Week Five


Week five of my year long Instax project. This is the classic games console set up we had after we decided to get hold of the tiny TV my girlfriend had in her parents house, annoyingly it didn’t work with the N64 of Super Nintendo you see pictured (we had an ancient telly for that instead).

One Year – Week Two

This is the second instalment of my Instax project of a single photo per week for 52 weeks, this image features my girlfriend Jo playing on her Game Boy, we had no internet at this moment in time and the only entertainment was old games consoles (hence the N64 in the bottom left).

2.jpg (more…)

One Year – Week One

So I’ve kept this quiet but thought I’d start releasing the images for it. Welcome to One Year, a project I started a while back to take a single image on Fuji Instax every week for a year, so far I’ve taken plenty and I thought it was about time to start sharing this out with people. Each image will have a vague description of what it is and most are around the flat I live in or the immediate vicinity outside, the original idea being to document a year of living with my girlfriend.

So without any delay welcome to Week One and the image taken below;

1.jpg (more…)

Project 52: Week 52; Portrait – Another Self Portrait

So the 52 week project has finally reached it’s climax, 52 weeks of sometimes slightly random theme’s and assignments designed to force me to branch out my photographic perspective, or something like that anyway. As many of you may be aware I’ve not been enjoying this project as much as I thought I would, sometimes it’s felt a chore, sometimes I’ve struggled to fit the brief for a particular week, sometimes I just haven’t bothered and then plastered out a number of posts quickly in succession. I will say this, it’s done. (more…)

Instax Experiment

So following on from a post I made last week (here if you’re interested) where I took a few photo’s of my girlfriend using a Fuji Instax I bought her for Valentine’s, someone made a suggestion that they’d be interested to see the result’s of what she shot (that someone being Yurirasin9) . I said myself I was impressed with the quality of Instax film, the colour is particularly nice I think it has a classic 80’s/early 90’s look to it and when shooting landscape has a painterly quality.

With that said I’ve scanned in the two image’s she took that day, one she was actually taking when I took the first photo in the previous post, and also a self portrait of myself. The first two I quite like, the third I’m not hugely convinced by but I think that has more to do with the camera being fooled by me standing next to a bright window in a darker room. (more…)