Instant Amsterdam – Part One

As some of you might be aware I finished off making a new zine last week, my third of the year and one containing nothing but Polaroids taken during a trip to Amsterdam at the beginning of June. I thought I’d start sharing some of the images that feature in the zine over the next few weeks as a series of posts, if you’d like to see more of them then you can pick up a copy from my Etsy Store here.

img20180611_18454849.jpg (more…)

Instant Amsterdam – A Photo Zine By Me

Hello everyone out there in Internet Land, as you may have noticed I’ve been neglecting this website/blog a little bit lately. The reason’s for that are numerous, a house move taking up a ton of time and blood pressure, a holiday taking up more of that time but lowering that blood pressure, the house move meaning internet access was sketchy. And then there was also this little project I’ve been working on, which brings me to the reason for this post. I made a new zine.

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