Olympus Trip

Fancy Dress at Twickenham

A selection of images taken at Twickenham during the HSBC London Sevens a few months ago. There was a fancy dress theme, well I assume otherwise there was an awful lot of people dressed up like idiots for no reason. All images are from my Olympus Trip on Lomography Color 400 film.

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Michael’s Stag Weekend – Part One

My Good friend Michael got himself married on the weekend and I just so happened to get the images back from his stag weekend back at around the same time (they’re all perfectly tame so no worries about anything NSFW in here). All are shot on my Olympus Trip on Lomography Color 400 film.

First off we start with some Footgolf, a “sport” that eagerly awaits its inclusion in the Olympics.

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More Cornwall – Falmouth & Crab Fishing

Some more images of my friends from Cornwall when I went to visit (one of whom is an excellent photographer you should check out Steven Prebble) taken on a selection of cameras as I had several rolls to finish. The following were used; Olympus OM-1, Olympus Trip, Olympus Auto Eye (yes I admit it, fanboy) and the film was either Lomography Color 400 or Agfas Vita Plus 200. Enjoy.

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Work Christmas Party Part One

As you might guess I have a day job, no one is stupid enough to pay me money to photographs, boo! However what that does mean is that I work with some pretty awesome people and get to have fun at Christmas time in parties and the like, hooray. All the images taken here at one of those, all on Lomography 400 colour film using my fantastically pocketable Olympus Trip. Obviously being a 400 ISO daylight film it was never going to bring out the best results however, firstly I am impressed by how well it did cope with the lighting and secondly, who doesn’t love a bit of grain?

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Olympus Trip 35 – Opinion

Sometimes the best things in life really are free, at least that’s what it feels like with the Olympus Trip 35 I was given by my girlfriends dad earlier this year. Near perfect condition, barely used, could it become one of my favourite cameras? Well from the fact I’m a huge Olympus geek, and that many of you know that already, you can probably guess the answer to that.

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