Project 52: Week 12; Artistic – Transportation

This post will have been written a few day’s ago, I’m in Berlin currently and likely have no access to the internet or perhaps even my senses as I am away with friend’s having a good time. So I’ll start by apologising firstly for the lack of posts’ over the last few day’s, and for the next few as well, and also for not replying to any comment’s should any have been left.

Anyway onto the subject at hand, instalment of my 52 week project. This week the subject is “Artistic – Transportation”, again I stress I did not come up with these titles or briefs. If I had time to do it/think about it properly I’d have likely come up with some sort of abstract vision of a car/plane/boat/space ship taken from an interesting angle, as it happen’s I didn’t. However I didn’t think just a random photograph of a bog standard car would suffice so here’s an image of a miniature street cleaning vehicle I noticed the other morning in the city centre when I was out shooting street photography.

Street Cleaner.jpg¬†Olympus OM-D EM-5, Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm 1:1.4, ISO 400, F3.5, 1/2500th Sec. (more…)